Cyber Lawyer

Cyber Lawyer

What does a Cyber Lawyer do?

Inquisitiveness in law as well as in cyber related activities will lead to the rewarding career in cyber law.

The word cyber clearly indicates relation with the Internet. Cyber law is also known as Internet Law. It deals with the legal issues related to the internet crimes.

Cyber Law is the term which deals with the issues related to the internet, communication technology, technological & electronic elements including hardware, software, computer & information systems. Cyber law is made to handle the cases of cybercrime. Cybercrimes are the illegal activities committed on the internet. Cyber lawyers handles cases of cybercrimes against persons, property and government.

Cyber lawyers practice in all types of practices and specializations. They work at small, medium and large firms. They work in private practice, and they work for the federal government. With the advanced technology and changing times, almost all the processes are now going on IT platform. This has resulted in an increased number of cybercrimes around the world.

Cyber law is a branch of law where all the cyber-crimes such as cyber theft, fraud, hacking, infringing copyright and violating individual privacy, etc. are addressed by the Information Technology Act, 2000.

Cyber law emerged as a demanding career field as it provides plenty of job opportunities. Students of cyber law are in high demand due to increasing cyber activities, cyber security issues and cybercrimes.

Path to become a Cyber Lawyer

All students who have qualified 10+2 examination from any stream can opt for Bachelor degree in law & after that, they can join the master degree programme in Cyber Law in any recognised Indian or Foreign Universities.

Career Opportunities and Scope

Currently most of the organisations are recruiting a cyber-lawyer for their expert legal services & advice. A cyber lawyer can either choose to work with a law agency, or they can be self-employed. There are lots of opportunities apart from the legal firms & courtrooms.

After completing the cyber law programme, you can also get offers from police departments, IT companies, various corporate houses, public & private organizations, a lecturer at Universities & much more.

A person holding a degree in cyber law may be recruited as:

  • A Cyber Lawyer or Cyber law Expert
  • Legal Advisor
  • Cyber Assistant
  • In-house counsel

If you have a degree in cyber law, then apart from a lawyer you can get government jobs in various departments like:

  • You can work as advisors in the ministry of information and technology.
  • You can become a cyber-consultant in any IT firms, bank or police department. Nowadays police department has their own cyber cell to handle the cyber crimes. They also need cyber law experts to prosecute the multitude of cases that come up.
  • Research assistant in Security Auditors and Network Administrators in government firms and technology companies.
  • You can advise e-commerce companies and other tech companies. The demand for lawyers in tech companies is at the highest and growing at a stunning pace.
  • You can be an independent cyber lawyer arguing cyber law matters. Here is how a fresh law graduate built her career in cyber law in a very short span.

Relevant courses

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