Incident Responder

What does an Incident responder do?

First responders are critical in emergency situations and vital to safety. In the field of cyber security, incident responders are the valuable individuals who come to the rescue in times of security system trouble. They work as quickly as possible to solve issues within a company and take necessary action to prevent any further problems.

Incident Responders could be considered the police officers or fire fighters for an organization’s network or system. You are trying to protect and prevent major threats and/or attacks from happening, and if needed apply changes so they do not occur again. Here are some of the job duties of an incident responder:

  • Recognize any errors or possible vulnerabilities in the network or system
  • Develop a system of procedures on how to handle an emergency
  • Effectively oversee systems and applications for any suspicious activity
  • Collaborate with other cyber security team members
  • Run penetration tests, risk analysis and security audits
  • Develop a system for the communication trail that needs to take place during an emergency, and how to relay necessary information to law enforcement
  • Provide well-composed incident reports to proper management team members

Path to become a responder

There are other cyber security jobs that can help you build some work experience to add or include on your resume in this area:

  • System Administrator
  • Security Administrator
  • Network Administrator

If you are interested in moving up into a higher position in incident response, a possible career title to consider might be the Director of Incident Response or a CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) Manager.

Relevant courses

Security Analyst Security Technician Penetration tester Information Security Manager