About US

Sequri helps your organization to develop, maintain and grow cyber security and information investigation capabilities - increasing your overall trust in the systems that you operate, the information that you hold and the people who have access to it.

We offer a comprehensive set of IT, cyber security and education services that few can compete with. See our About Us page for more info or the diagram below on the services we offer to help your business.

Sequri provide​s cyber security and digital investigation training. Since 2009, we have been helping our clients to identify and address cyber threats, increasing their overall trust in the systems that they operate, the information that they hold and the people who have access to it.

We are proud of our reputation, built on development, growth, experience, trust and expertise in areas such as high-profile forensic investigations and analysis, working with many large and well-known brands and organizations across multiple sectors, including numerous law enforcement agencies and the India’s best law university.

In addition to our consultancy work across multiple sectors, Sequri provides industry-recognized, professional cyber security certifications across ethical hacking, digital forensics, information security and software security disciplines.

Professional cyber development is the cornerstone of effective cyber security and we underpin the services above with our portfolio of University and industry-accredited training courses and certifications.


Professional focus

A Cyber Security Practitioner Course (CSP) from Cycops is a strategic move for people keen to build professional careers and build them quickly. The gradual way to build a professional career is with a relevant and specialized qualification. SEQURI CSP can provide you with the training and help you to amass the skills to enter an industry, often without back tracking to bachelor degree studies.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Eclectic Curriculum

Whether you're looking for an individual course or a full certification programme, we offer a complete range of cyber security training, including official courses from professional bodies and leading vendors like Ec-Council. Link to Find a course


Learning Options

We offer a range of flexible learning options to suit different learning styles and accommodate busy schedules, including traditional classroom courses, innovative virtual training and a range of eLearning solutions.

Tailored business solutions


Whether you're an individual or a small business owner wishing to enhance your technical capabilities, or an international corporation looking to transform performance through a comprehensive development strategy, we have the solutions.

Sequri authored

We offer over 20 Sequri Authored courses, designed by our subject-matter experts to complement the courses offered by leading vendors and develop skills that are immediately applicable in the workplace. Find out more

Exceptional and superlative

Our Sequri Authored courses cover a unique set of subject areas that have direct relevance in the workplace.

Official courses from professional bodies and leading vendors naturally focus on their own products and services and on some occasions this can lead to bias. At Sequri we support the widest range of vendors and products and therefore remain impartial. This has enabled us to develop "Sequri Authored" courses which are not specific to one vendor or product. Sequri Authored courses fill the gaps between the official vendor courses, linking multiple different products with general skills and industry best practices and are:

  • Independent and Objective
  • Built around business needs and real-world solutions
  • Focused on developing skills that are immediately applicable in the workplace

Hand crafted by our SEQURI Trainers

SEQURI Authored courses are designed and delivered by our world-leading experts and learning professionals, each of whom has extensive experience and a proven track record. We constantly monitor innovations in technology and practices, ensuring that all our SEQURI Authored courses are continually reviewed and updated to stay ahead of the latest trends. They are all based upon proven learning methodologies, providing an in-depth and hands-on approach with a focus on real-world applications.

SEQURI Authored courses are guaranteed to be:

  • Designed and delivered by world-leading experts and learning professionals
  • Up to date with the latest innovations in technology and practices
  • Based upon proven learning methodologies
  • Consistently of the highest quality

With flexible learning options

Our eLearning courses are authored by SEQURI subject-matter experts and are built around case studies presented through a series of multimedia scenarios.


  • Up-to-date: all our material includes the new syllabus and latest versions of software releases
  • Easy to use: web-based product can be used from a wide range of locations with ease, also available in USB format
  • More courses, more customers, most trusted
  • We deliver over half a million delegate days of training every year and we constantly challenge ourselves to keep the same consistently high quality on every single day.